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What to Photograph When There’s Nothing to Photograph

I read an article the other day about what to photograph when you look around and there’s nothing on offer that would please a camera’s sensor. Everything is bland and uninteresting. A bit like my backyard. This article suggested thinking out of the box and making the mundane more interesting just by looking at it at a different angle. On the weekend I did just that. Continue reading

Ballpoint Pen on Paper – Amazing Drawings

This blew my mind when I saw it. I just had to share this. Absolutely amazing if it’s for real. This guy does these stunning drawings with a ballpoint pen. Probably several, actually. Check it out. See also the original posting on deviantArt.

How Long is Now?

You know the feeling when you have a day off work and the next day feels like a Monday? Same routine as any week day but for some reason, because the previous day you weren’t at work, today just feels like a Monday.

Yesterday was Anzac Day in Australia – a public holiday in the middle of the week. So for me today, Thursday felt a hell of lot like the first day of the working week. But it was a typical weekday routine. So what made it feel different? Continue reading

Sorry to Hear That

It often accompanies news of a death. People say, or increasingly these days, post on Facebook, “I’m sorry to hear that”. Do they realise how self-centred they sound? Continue reading

A Bottle of With Iron!

Did you know? Iron in our diet isn’t meant for haemoglobin after all. No. In this increasingly narcissistic society iron apparently has a far more desirable quality than carting life-giving oxygen around our fat and not-so-little bodies. A while ago at my city train station a bunch of pretty girls were frantically handing out free bottles of “With Iron!” to each and every peak hour traveller. The fancy and comparatively fine print above the screaming words “With Iron!” stated that it was in fact orange juice with iron. Good to know. Continue reading