Who is Richard Leonard?

Richard Leonard is the pen name of Rick Puts, who, during standard business hours is a software engineer supporting his family consisting of a lovely wife, two uni-aged kids and an often disobedient Labrador, living in the Yarra Valley in Melbourne’s outer east.

Over the last ten or fifteen years or so he has had several novels and short stories under construction, but not yet published. From an early age Rick decided that if he ever were to publish a book, for marketing and branding purposes he would use a pseudonym. So consider Richard Leonard a brand and a name at the same time. This website began life in 2010 as a blog called Richard’s Ramblings, to serve as a outlet for his writing. That blog can still be found under the Richard’s Ramblings menu above. Enter at your own risk. There are many completely trivial and uninteresting things in there. Of arguably more interest is the Special Ramblings menu where there are some of the things he considers to be more important articles that have some actual worth.

Rick also has a long-standing interest in photography, however, since an early age has been waiting for technology to evolve to the point where he wouldn’t need to fumble around in the dark to develop photos manually with chemicals he can’t see. Because he’s just not good at that sort of thing. And after many years of patiently waiting, along comes digital photography and amazing software to help make photos awesome.

Back in 2012 I wrote this bio. Much of it still applies.



Question everything.

Never stop learning.