Monthly Archives: May 2013

Why “Ape” Is Offensive

By now everyone in Australia has heard about, and were disappointed by Eddie McGuire’s shocking suggestion that Adam Goodes should promote the new King Kong stage show in Melbourne. Continue reading

Songs That Grabbed Me – Goanna, Solid Rock

This is a protest song about the treatment of the Australian indigenous people during the time of the first European settlement and the whole invading-the-country thing. It’s suggesting the accepted history is inaccurate and that it wasn’t the relatively peaceful encounter many are led to believe. Continue reading

Dan Brown – Inferno is Out Today!

I saw a full page ad today that told me Dan Brown’s new book Inferno is out today. I also happened across this article in The Telegraph via the Passive Guy warning me not to make fun of the Renowned Dan Brown. Humorous as that article was, I wouldn’t do that. I enjoyed Dan Brown’s books. Continue reading

Songs That Grabbed Me – Smokie, Oh Carol

I remember hearing this on the radio when I was a young tacker and loved it. Back then it was the rolling rhythm that sucked me in but later I began to appreciate the lyrics. Come on, what red blooded boy doesn’t like the imagery of a hot girl? Often exaggerated imagery projected by an over-excited mate describing a girl he can’t have but wishes he could. Continue reading

Songs That Grabbed Me – Beach Boys, Surfin’ USA

Surfin’ USA by the Beach Boys (music by Chuck Berry), isn’t this the best surfing song? The Wilson brothers were said to have liked the Chuck Berry song Sweet Little Sixteen so much they thought it’d be a great idea to put some surfing lyrics to the music. That led to listing all the popular surfing locations in America, throw in a simple but clever little rhyming story about having no excuses for not surfing if there was an ocean nearby, and the rest is this very catchy song. Continue reading

Book Review: Grind His Bones by Richard Newell Smith

I came across this book thanks to Richard’s promotion via Twitter and his blog. The power of social media is a win for indie authors!

I have read a lot of crime thrillers but I enjoyed it. On with the review which is up on Amazon, too. Continue reading