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My NaNoWriMo Strategy for This year

Last year I went in totally unprepared. I signed up with 2 days to spare, came up with an idea the day before it started and had a 5 year old laptop with a dead battery. Not exactly a ready state but it still let me finish the required 50K words.

The story itself, however wasn’t complete. It did reach a natural point where I could say Book 1 is done, next year can be Book 2. But that would only happen to reduce the stigma if being labelled a NaNo Rebel. Continue reading

I Used to be Undecided, Now I’m Not so Sure

About ten years ago when I decided to take writing a bit more seriously, I started a novel. I was determined that it would be the first thing I would publish.



Then someone said start small. Write some short stories first. Okay, but I still want to publish a novel. I was a little naive about it all back then. Continue reading

NaNoWriMo – Done but not Dusted

In October I sensed much excitement in writer’s circles about the approaching National Novel Writing Month. I felt it was way out of my league. I even expressed my respect for anyone game enough to attempt it. It seemed a mammoth task to me. Congratulations to anyone who attempted it and to those who finished. You are all brilliantly dedicated. Continue reading