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Photography Experiment #2: HDR From One RAW File

Expanding on my last experiment with exposure bracketing whereby a photo is composed of several separate exposures using layer masks in post-processing, I found a good candidate for a similar technique where the different exposures come from the same RAW file. Continue reading

Ballpoint Pen on Paper – Amazing Drawings

This blew my mind when I saw it. I just had to share this. Absolutely amazing if it’s for real. This guy does these stunning drawings with a ballpoint pen. Probably several, actually. Check it out. See also the original posting on deviantArt.

Black or Blue

A friend of mine posted on Facebook what at first appeared to be a fairly tame question: Do you prefer writing with a blue or a black pen? The first few comments were geared towards favourite AFL footy teams. Geelong fans were blue-penners and Collingwood fans, black. For those from out of town, Geelongs colours are blue and white and Collingwood, well, you get the picture. Continue reading

A Bottle of With Iron!

Did you know? Iron in our diet isn’t meant for haemoglobin after all. No. In this increasingly narcissistic society iron apparently has a far more desirable quality than carting life-giving oxygen around our fat and not-so-little bodies. A while ago at my city train station a bunch of pretty girls were frantically handing out free bottles of “With Iron!” to each and every peak hour traveller. The fancy and comparatively fine print above the screaming words “With Iron!” stated that it was in fact orange juice with iron. Good to know. Continue reading