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Rochelle’s Briefcase – Voting Deadlock

G’day Story-Time fans!

Thanks to everyone who’s been reading the Rochelle’s Briefcase mystery. I hope you’re enjoying the ride!

Unfortunately, the voters can’t decide on whether the girls should track down the dude in the blue car (option 2) or to go back to Rochelle’s place and check on her elderly but very independent neighbour (option 3) and perhaps discover something surprising. ;)

So, what happens next is up to you. Click here to got the Rochelle’s Briefcase Chapter 4.


– R

Want The Job? Let Me Sleep With Your Girlfriend…

My son landed a job the other day and not because of the title! Many months of frustration finally ended when he successfully made it through the interview process. He went to a training session last week and has his first shift next Monday. Well done, mate! Continue reading

Six Sentence Sunday – #1

It’s not January. It’s not even June when this nightmare started. But it’s the first chance I’ve had to put all this down on paper. Or more to the point, get it out of my system. I don’t really care where it goes: diary, notebook, tape, video, Dictaphone, someone’s eardrum or the cool spring time breeze. I just don’t care.

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Rochelle’s Briefcase – Chapter 4

G’day Story-Time fans!

It’s been longer than I’d hoped but Chapter 4 is finally up and ready.

The majority of you voted that Tina is driven back to her own home by her captors so in Chapter 4 you can find out where this sinister activity leads. And what does she find when she arrives?

Read on to find out what Rochelle and Tina are faced with next.