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Rochelle’s Briefcase – Chapter 12

Thanks everyone who voted at the end of Chapter 11.

I reached a crossroads in the middle of chapter 12 and couldn’t decide which was the better way to go so I wrote both threads and put that up for the vote this time round. Chapter 12 looks like this (complete with coloured background!):


Chapter 12-Threads

It seems most people decided Jake was playing a joke . Without giving too much away this becomes apparent in Thread 1 but not so much in Thread 2.

So if you like, have a read of both threads and decide which one we follow in Chapter 13. Catch up chapters can be found here.


Even The Shortest Queue Can Be Avoided…

I received an Email from Myki the other day reminding us that we can use the Auto-top-up feature so we’re never caught short with an empty Myki card and therefore help reduce the queues at the myki top-up machines. Continue reading

The Return of the Mosquito Races

It’s that time of year again You can’t help but hear the relentless buzzing of mozzies all day long. It’s inescapable, annoyingly constant, yet there is a semi-hypnotic rhythm to it. But that’s only if you’re inside or far enough away. Outdoors or close up the noise is all-penetrating. Glad they’re only here for four days. Continue reading

Rochelle’s Briefcase – Chapter 11

Greetings everyone,

I’ve been madly working away at Chapter 11 of Rochelle’s Briefcase after receiving some encouraging feedback. Thanks heaps to everyone who has been reading it and voting.

The voting at the end of Chapter 10 decided that the other mob, the infamous and mysterious Team B would arrive at Rochelle’s place first, so needless to say Chapter 11 starts with high tension.

I really enjoyed writing this one. It introduces a couple of new characters and I’ve done a scene or two from a different point of view. I hope you find it interesting.

And the ending! Gotta love it.

Don’t forget to vote!

You can find Chapter 11 here at Story Time or the main page for catch-ups here.


Daggiest, Corniest, Cheesiest Song Ever

A while back Eric J Baker posted about his all time most annoying song. I actually liked Come On Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners so I thought this was as suitable revenge for Eric! (If revenge is the right word.)

Recently I set my music player to play ALL songs randomly, instead of selected play-lists or albums, something I hadn’t done in quite a while. And boy did that bring some memories back!

Alvin Stardust in 1974

Alvin Stardust in 1974 (Wikipedia)

Amongst the throng of the brilliant and the absolute crap was this little gem by Alvin Stardust. My Coo Ca Choo. It could also be eligible for the most annoying song ever but I felt that Daggiest, Corniest, Cheesiest were also applicable.

Check out either the Original 1973 video with the start and end chopped off, a 1974 version apparently badly mimed or badly dubbed live at some TV music show, or you can see Alvin perform, sorry mime, it at a live gig in a 1996 come-back.


By the way, I still play this song. It’s awesome!

Sunday Snippets Critique Blog Hop #5

This week I’m continuing with Jennifer M Eaton’s Sunday Snippets Critique Blog Hop in which writers post 250 words of their current Work in Progress and then hop around and critique everyone else’s snippets. To join,  click here to sign up and add your name and web site address to the list.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time two weeks ago to offer a critique of my work (I missed last week).

This week’s snippet is from a different scene than my last few posts. Those featured the opening 1,000 words of my novel, Rani’s Right., in parts One, Two, Three and Four. In this scene she describes the moments before the plane crash.

You often hear the cliché “I saw my life flash before my eyes!” when someone’s faced with the very real possibility of death. The instant I realised I was within arm’s length of that dark, silent sickle bearer, that it was close enough to touch me without shifting it’s weight, that my entire life was in its total and complete control, time slowed to a crawl and my awareness became amazingly acute. I could see the flickering of the fluorescent lights, I could almost count the flashes and not fall behind. I saw the people around me moving painfully slow in their panic. I could hear every word people were screaming and feel the pain in their voices.

I smell the fear, the sweat, the air-conditioning, the ozone, the fuel, the smoke, the heat, the whining of the engines. I feel the aircraft shaking, the wings vibrate. I think of the people I knew, the people I love, the people who aren’t with me, couldn’t be with me, will never be with me again. I think of all the things I wanted to say to them but kept putting off. I think of the things I’ve done that I’ll never do again. The things I want to do but never got round to. I think of the loves, the hates, the triumphs, the losses, regrets, pains, achievements… For the last time… ever…

 Please have a look at and, if possible, critique the work of these authors, while you’re here. look for this logo. It will take you to their latest critique post:Sunday Snippets


Rochelle’s Briefcase – Chapter 10

Greetings everyone!

Thanks everyone who has been reading and voting and supporting Rochelle’s Briefcase. It’s been great fun writing it, even though I change my mind an awful lot in the process!

The poll question at the end of Chapter 9 was “How does Rochelle respond to the policeman’s question?” Voters decided that Rochelle would refuse to answer. Interesting when you’re being pressured by an officer of the law! Let’s see how this one pans out.

Chapter 10 can be found here.

The main page is here.