Monthly Archives: December 2011

Cold Chisel – Light the Nitro!

One of Australia’s iconic rock bands, Cold Chisel broke up in the early 1980’s before I had a chance see them in concert. And before I was old enough to see them in their natural habitat, the local Aussie pub. This year, despite the unexpected passing of their drummer Steve Prestwich in January, they announced a comeback tour called Light the Nitro. (Says it all, doesn’t it?) Ticket queue, here I come! Continue reading

Metablog – My Love and Fear of Writing

More than 6 months have gone by and I’ve only  published four posts. What a joke! In my about page I mentioned all my in-my-head writing will stop and more of my thoughts will be dumped here. Okay, call me a liar.

Truth is the spinning ball of rock never slows down (why am I not surprised?) and there are many other commitments that need tending. But that’s not the main reason. Continue reading