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Guest Post: Writing and Self-Publishing a Fiction Novel

Today I am featuring a guest post by Ben Russel. Ben has offered to write an all-important piece for the beginning novelist describing the essentials of writing a novel. Ben is an avid reader and writer. He’s now more into essay writing teaching high school and college students how to write different types of essays. One of his recent articles is on how to write a picture analysis essay. Okay, take it away, Ben. Continue reading

Anagrams in Novels – Clever or Cringeworthy?

I’m really bad with picking up anagrams.

I recently realised that the name of a famous ebook reading device is an anagram of “book”. (That’s the Kobo, in case you’re worse at it than me.)

And it was only this year, 11 years after the last instalment of The Matrix Trilogy was released, when I realised that for three movies of NEO trying to work out if he is the ONE… you see? And that was only after someone pointed it out to me. Continue reading

Character Development: When Your Main Character Tells You How It’s Done

My main character from Rochelle’s Briefcase popped into my head the other day and boy did she give me serve!
It took me a little by surprise. I mean, it shouldn’t have. Who else’s head would she be in?
It was an interesting exercise in character development. Here’s what we had to say to each other: Continue reading

Portals – A Writer’s Escape Hatch

Have you ever read a story where a character suddenly finds a supernatural portal and teleports away from some evil enemy? Did it fit well into the story or did it feel like the writer had painted himself into a corner and struggled to get out? Ever done this yourself as a writer, even if the story didn’t see the light of day (or the dark of night as the case may be)?

According to NASA you might be off the hook slightly as they have discovered that these portals are one step closer to reality.

NASA figure out how to find hidden portals Continue reading


It’s been said that obfuscation is the best example of obfuscation. I came across a simpler version of this explanation some time ago. Loved it. Of course here I’ve expanded, embellished and over-exaggerated it almost beyond recognition and meaning for entertainment value if nothing else. Continue reading