Monthly Archives: February 2015

New Lens, Clean Sensor, Test Photos of the Local Wildlife

Any beginner who has started taking photography a bit more seriously will realise that the lens that came with their camera can be quite limiting. It’s usually an 18 to 55 mm zoom (approximately 1 to 3 times magnification if you think in those terms) and you’ll soon discover that 55mm is not long enough to catch wildlife in the distance, 18mm is not wide enough to take really nice landscapes and night sky shots. And the small maximum aperture is not enough for good shots in dim light or to play with wide ranging depth of field. Continue reading

Days Since Last Snake: 4

Yep. I had to reset the counter the other day. You’ve all heard the stories about Australia being home to seven of the top ten deadliest snakes in the world. Or the top however many of the deadliest creatures. You’ve seen the Croc vs Snake video and the Kangaroos fighting in the street. Wildlife is everywhere. Continue reading