What to Photograph When There’s Nothing to Photograph

I read an article the other day about what to photograph when you look around and there’s nothing on offer that would please a camera’s sensor. Everything is bland and uninteresting. A bit like my backyard. This article suggested thinking out of the box and making the mundane more interesting just by looking at it at a different angle. On the weekend I did just that.

I stepped into my yard with the camera and here are the results. I composed unusual contents in different ways, creating a slightly abstract image in most cases. I wonder if the average observer would be able to pick what the mundane object actually is. Those unfamiliar with my backyard might have a tougher time recognising them. My son didn’t immediately pick a couple of them!

Here are the photos I added to my Flickr page. Below is the key to what they are. How many would you pick?

#1. Black & Blue. What is the black and what is the blue? Level of difficulty: 9/10

#2. Any ideas? Level of difficulty: 3/10

#3. The bush in the foreground is in focus. What’s red and out of focus? Level of Difficulty: 4/10

#4. The Wedge. Created by distant long grass, closer shorter grass, and what’s that in the foreground? Level of Difficulty: 6/10

#5. What’s that grass growing up against? Level of Difficulty: 7/10.

Ready for the answers?

#1. Net over the tarpaulin on my trailer

#2. Looking straight up through a basketball net.

#3. Roof of my house.

#4. Shed roof.

#5. Compost bin.

So even though these aren’t particular brilliant, it shows how every day objects can be viewed in a unique way to add a little bit of interest that would otherwise be missing.

2 thoughts on “What to Photograph When There’s Nothing to Photograph

  1. Kate Johnston

    I didn’t get any of them! The closest I came was the first one. I figured it was a net, but the blue looks like water, so I thought it was a fishing net of some sort. Neat work!


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