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Stop With the Stop Signs

Cotton Woolling is a term many apply to the government’s attempts to protect people from themselves and careless, greedy and selfish idiots in society. The Stop Sign is just a big red octagonal piece of cotton wool that serves no purpose other than to insult the intelligence of the experienced driver. Continue reading

Blinded by the Dim, Blue Light

Something scared the hell out of me the other evening. I was on taxi duty, bringing my daughter and a few of her friends to a party, when I pulled out of a street onto a main road and severely underestimated the distance of an approaching motorbike. Continue reading

A Better Use For Traffic Cameras

The technology behind traffic safety cameras has come a long way in recent years. The government-sponsored traffic paparazzi started out as speed-triggered snappers of vehicle mug shots for the purpose of financially punishing the driver in order to make the roads a safer place to be. Allegedly. Then came the red-light cameras. Same story. Rather than generate revenue, it’s about time the cameras were used to actually make the roads safer. Continue reading