Welcome to Richard Leonard – Words & Pictures

They say a picture tells a thousand words. We can all take a picture. Or we can write a thousand words. But when we take a look at that picture, or read those words, we quickly realise that it’s not the word count that matters. It’s the story contained within.

Photos and words are just media through which a story is presented. Short or long, words or pictures, a story can take many forms. The one key ingredient of all good stories is emotional satisfaction for the audience. Lack this and you lack a good story.

So join me, as I strive to create great stories using words and pictures. There will be photos, snippets of my short stories and novels, and progress updates, and shared bits from other sources, too. I’m also going against all advice and designing my own book cover, so watch this space.

If you have an event, a milestone or a snapshot in time that you’d like to capture in a memorable way, let me, Richard Leonard, tell your story, in Words or Pictures.

Thank you.