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Songs That Grabbed Me – U2, Mothers of the Disappeared

From the 1987 Album , The Joshua Tree, easily their best album in my opinion, the final track, Mothers of the Disappeared, has to be one of the saddest songs ever written. Argue with me if you like. I’ll just nod and say “yeah, probably” but I really won’t care. Continue reading

Installing 32 Bit Applications on a 64 Bit Ubuntu Linux Box

Okay, long story short. A small percentage of computer users run Ubuntu Linux instead of Window or Mac. An even smaller percentage run 64 bit versions. But I guess many of them want to use 32 bit apps like LibreOffice (many) and Scrivener (fewer). Continue reading

Imminent Danger – The Movie… And a Review

No, the movie of Imminent Danger by Michelle Proulx has not yet been produced but if it was to be shot in the near future here is who I’d like to see become involved: Continue reading

ANZAC Day – Lest We Forget

April 25 is the day Australia and New Zealand pause to remember the brave diggers, the men and women who sacrificed all on that fateful day in 1915 when they came ashore at Gallipoli. It was the wrong landing point and many, many brave soldiers lost their lives.


Lest We Forget

Songs That Grabbed Me

We all love lots of types of music. We all have our individual favourites, too. The odd song  that resonates with us, rings a bell, strikes a chord. They stay with us forever, long after they drop out of the charts and our friends stop talking about them. These songs could be recent, they could be from our childhood or teen years when we first “discovered” music. Or they could be from our parents’ era. They all have something in common. They all mean something to us for whatever reason. Continue reading

Stop With the Stop Signs

Cotton Woolling is a term many apply to the government’s attempts to protect people from themselves and careless, greedy and selfish idiots in society. The Stop Sign is just a big red octagonal piece of cotton wool that serves no purpose other than to insult the intelligence of the experienced driver. Continue reading