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Six Sentence Sundae #6

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Thanks for all the great feedback last week. To keep up the suspense I thought I’d do something a little different this week. This is a completely standalone little story. It’s a bit contrived but hopefully you’ll like it. Continue reading

Procrastination – 10 Ways Out

At work today, I hit a wall with something I was doing – not literally, I just got stuck on a problem – so I did what every good worker does: took a small dose of procrastination and started surfing the web. Just briefly, I promise!

I came across an article about procrastination and 10 ways to beat it. Okay, I procrastinated a little longer and read this.

This article is geared towards running or starting your own business but it can obviously apply across the board in any aspect of life. I was thinking of my writing as I read it. It’s a bit of a smack in the face when you can relate to nearly everything they mention. Continue reading

Ballpoint Pen on Paper – Amazing Drawings

This blew my mind when I saw it. I just had to share this. Absolutely amazing if it’s for real. This guy does these stunning drawings with a ballpoint pen. Probably several, actually. Check it out. See also the original posting on deviantArt.

Six Sentence Sunday #5

Happy Sunday, everyone!

My fifth Six Sentence Sunday instalment from my up and coming novel continues from last week and which continues from… okay, for a list of previous sixes that might help you catch up, Click Here. This set of six continues directly from last week’s. Same paragraph in the open pages of my as yet untitled novel. Continue reading

Book Review: The Squirrel That Dreamt of Madness by Craig Stone

This review is for The Squirrel that Dreamt of Madness by Craig Stone. This book was brought to my attention by Craig himself via twitter where he can be found at @robolollycop. The book can be found on Amazon here and my review on Amazon can be found here.

On with the review…

Continue reading

Beware the Bastard Scammers

My sister-in-law called me up last night, all distressed. Apparently her computer has been running slow lately, you know, hard drive grinding away and nothing happening on the screen. Eventually it stops and decides to respond to its master. Or mistress in her case.

Anyway, last night, same old same old and she thought to herself she must take it to the computer shop to have it looked at. Literally as she thought this the phone rang.

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Six Sentence Sunday #4

Happy Sunday, everyone!

My fourth Six Sentence Sunday instalment from my up and coming novel continues from last week and which continues from… okay, for a list of previous sixes that might help you catch up, copy & paste “six sunday” into the search box at the top right. Continue reading

Rocket Science – It’s Not Rocket Science!

We know it’s a synonym for something very difficult but really, it’s a misnomer. Where did the term come from? It was obviously coined by someone who doesn’t understand how simple it really is. Have you ever farted in a closed room and noticed people moving away from you? No? Er… actually neither have I but you can imagine the result. That’s basically rocket science but probably not what prompted Sir Isaac Newton to state that “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” more than 300 years ago. Newton failed to see the childishly amusing interpretation of a falling apple as a tree farting fruit onto the sleeping scientist. But that was all about gravity, something rocket science is meant to overcome. Continue reading

Book Review: Poetry of a Madman by Jason Alan

This review is for Jason Alan’s Poetry of a Madman, which was brought to my attention via this post on Jason’s blog. The book on Amazon can be found here and my review on Amazon, here. Who knows? Someone might find it helpful. 😉

Okay, on with the review. Continue reading

Rochelle’s Briefcase – Chapter 5

Hi Story time fans,

Last time readers voted for the girls to track down the driver of the blue hatchback because they thought he took the briefcase with him and therefore would be the best person to help them get it back.

Chapter 5 is now up for you to read but it may not be what you expect. 😉