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Book Review: Blood in the Paint by Jordanna East

Lyla Kyle is an artist. Her favourite subjects are married men who cheat on their wives. She paints them. She paints and sculpts many things but she is particularly fond of and protective of her works featuring those philandering men. She paints them using shades of red mixed with their blood. Blood she drew from their dying bodies.

Jillian Atford is a psychologist with a past she’d rather put behind her, to say the least. Soon realising one of her clients is connected to her regrettable past, she finds herself spiralling uncontrollably toward a major crisis.

Officer Jason Brighthouse, a Philadelphia patrol cop, wants to prove he has his late father’s detective intuition and while checking out a reported dead body in a car park, feels something very inconsistent with an accidental death and decides he must test the strength of his inherited skills.

Jordanna East allows the reader deep into the minds of each of these characters, to understand the psychology behind their motivations, allowing an empathy to develop for each of them. It was difficult to pick a side, leaving me to root for all three, despite their indiscretions.

This novel is riddled with scenes that left me thinking “How on earth will he/she get out this situation?” East does a superb job in creating realism in a world where many OMG moments occur, leaving the reader wondering what could possibly come next. And what does come next is exciting, believable and edge-of-your-seat thrills.

Finishing up with some scenes of heart wrenching sadness, triumph and satisfaction and a neat twist leaving many question marks, Blood In The Paint presents a compelling invitation to read its sequel, Blood In The Paper. 5 Stars.

Here’s the Review on Amazon and Goodreads.

Review: Blood in the Past by Jordanna East

The following is the review I wrote for the book Blood in the Past by Jordanna East (Amazon link).

BloodInThePast-cover“Blood in the Past by Jordanna East is the prelude to a psychological thriller series, centred around three serial killers. This book introduces the three killers and touches on what makes them tick.

Jillian is a university student with a psychology major and falls for a cop who investigates the mugging of she and her flatmate. They embark on a steamy affair until…

Lyla finds her mother dead and believes she killed herself. She blames her father…

Jason’s father died trying to rescue a colleague trapped in a house fire…

Certainly well written and edited, this book draws the reader in with its dark themes and internal conflict gnawing at each of the killers’ minds as they battle their own reasons and desires for settling scores and satisfying perceived needs.

I felt the situations the three people find themselves in, and the conclusions they arrive at a little convenient. Two people might have been believable but three serial killers born of the events presented, probably approached, if not exceeded the bounds of credibility.  But that’s what you’d expect in the genre so I’m being picky. Nevertheless, and despite the book not quite giving equal exposure to all three killers, each did have their own reasons for beginning a killing spree. Lyla was arguably the most developed character and the one I found myself the most interested in. The story does make the reader wonder how they each continue on that path. I am interested to know what drives them to continue rather than stop at the first. A gripping prequel to the greater series.”

Book Review: Soul Identity by Dennis Batchelder

What an interesting idea this is!

Soul Identity Cover

I’m a little late to the party because this book, Soul Identity by Dennis Batchelder, was originally published in 2007, and on Smashwords in 2009. I found it only a couple of months ago. Soul Identity, a business that trades on the investment benefits of reincarnation, is being overrun by an overzealous competitor (or is it an inside job?), and IT security expert, Scott Waverley is called in to help protect the company and the investments of thousands of clients who have inherited the properties of previous holders of their souls.

I was gripped from the very start of this book. It is a mix of not-too-complex computer geekery, espionage, deceit, racy romance, and of course, the funny wise-crackery of the main character, Scott Waverley. The story cleverly links the apparently unrelated events concerning Scott’s neighbour, an old man angered by Soul Identity’s refusal to sign him up, a mysterious fortune teller with tech-savvy twin granddaughters, and the leaders of the organisation under threat.

It is well produced book (I recall only seeing one possible editing error), well paced with a good rhythm between the action scenes. Although the story touches on supernatural themes at no time is the reader expected to believe. In fact Scott Waverley is a sceptic throughout the entire story. It takes place in a normal world which, at best, only speculates on reincarnation. As a result there is a high level of believability. And of course there is the sexy Russian love interest. Highly recommended.

Rochelle’s Briefcase – Done. What’s Next?

I finally finished Rochelle’s Briefcase. Well, the first draft, anyway. I posted the final chapter yesterday on Story-time and it feels like I rushed the story to its end. Because I did.

Just over a year ago Goran Zidar started up the Story-time website where authors can post serial novels a chapter at a time and readers choose what happens in the following chapters. A great opportunity to write a novel-length piece and get directional feedback almost in real time. Well, novel-writing real time! Continue reading

Rochelle’s Briefcase – Chapters 13, 14 & 15

Hi Folks!

Thanks again to everyone who read and voted at the end of Chapter 12. I think I forgot to put up a notice that Chapter 13 went up. Oops! Continue reading

Rochelle’s Briefcase – Chapter 12

Thanks everyone who voted at the end of Chapter 11.

I reached a crossroads in the middle of chapter 12 and couldn’t decide which was the better way to go so I wrote both threads and put that up for the vote this time round. Chapter 12 looks like this (complete with coloured background!):


Chapter 12-Threads

It seems most people decided Jake was playing a joke . Without giving too much away this becomes apparent in Thread 1 but not so much in Thread 2.

So if you like, have a read of both threads and decide which one we follow in Chapter 13. Catch up chapters can be found here.


Rochelle’s Briefcase – Chapter 11

Greetings everyone,

I’ve been madly working away at Chapter 11 of Rochelle’s Briefcase after receiving some encouraging feedback. Thanks heaps to everyone who has been reading it and voting.

The voting at the end of Chapter 10 decided that the other mob, the infamous and mysterious Team B would arrive at Rochelle’s place first, so needless to say Chapter 11 starts with high tension.

I really enjoyed writing this one. It introduces a couple of new characters and I’ve done a scene or two from a different point of view. I hope you find it interesting.

And the ending! Gotta love it.

Don’t forget to vote!

You can find Chapter 11 here at Story Time or the main page for catch-ups here.


Rochelle’s Briefcase – Chapter 10

Greetings everyone!

Thanks everyone who has been reading and voting and supporting Rochelle’s Briefcase. It’s been great fun writing it, even though I change my mind an awful lot in the process!

The poll question at the end of Chapter 9 was “How does Rochelle respond to the policeman’s question?” Voters decided that Rochelle would refuse to answer. Interesting when you’re being pressured by an officer of the law! Let’s see how this one pans out.

Chapter 10 can be found here.

The main page is here.


Six Sentence Sunday #28

6 Sentence Sunday LogoGood morning, good reader, on this last official Six Sentence Sunday!

Because this is the final official Six Sunday I thought it fitting that I close with a close. Here are the last six sentences of the current chapter in my online serial novel Rochelle’s Briefcase, a modern day mystery/thriller/young adult/whatever-it-turns-out-to-be story.

This is the same scene as last week where Rochelle is in the police station being questioned about the report of her missing neighbour the previous day. As Rochelle feared during the entire interview, the police officer finally asks the dreaded question.

He paused to look down at the briefcase Rochelle had with her. “Activities that make this person very uncomfortable.” His eyes locked on hers. Rochelle was wide-eyed and frozen.
Tell me, Ms. Summers. What is in that briefcase?”

You can read the lead-up to these closing lines, by clicking here. Don’t forget to vote! You can also try this link to read the previous chapters.

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Check out more great Six Sentence Sunday authors and their amazing contributions at http://www.sixsunday.com/ before the site closes. I’m not sure about plans for the website itself.

I’d like to thank Sara Brookes and the team at Six Sentence Sunday for their tireless dedication to this fantastic site. I’ve met some great people on here and it will be sad to see this end. But I will continue to follow and read and learn. Until next Sunday…

Six Sentence Sunday #27

6 Sentence Sunday LogoGood morning!

With only one more Sunday on which to share six sentences, I thought I’d pop out something different. This time I’m presenting six from the current chapter in my online serial novel Rochelle’s Briefcase, a modern day mystery/thriller/young adult/whatever-it-turns-out-to-be story. In this scene Rochelle is in the police station about to be questioned about the report of her missing neighbour the previous day. As instructed by some unknown but influential people, she has the briefcase with her.

The briefcase was again the elephant in the room and Rochelle was acutely aware that the policeman was dying to ask about it but perhaps couldn’t find a reason to justify the question. Instead he got straight to the point.
“Okay, so yesterday afternoon, you and your friend… Tina Cadelano, reported your neighbour, Ruby, missing, correct?”
“That’s right.”
“And you believed she was kidnapped but refused to provide information on why you believed this to be true?”
Rochelle hesitated while holding his gaze.

You can read the rest of the chapter, by clicking here. Don’t forget to vote! You can also try this link to read the previous chapters.

To catch up on my previous Six Sunday posts, Click Here.

Check out more great Six Sentence Sunday authors and their amazing contributions at http://www.sixsunday.com/.