What on Earth am I Doing Now?

Hey all! I know it’s been a while. I’ve been guilty of hobby-hopping again and even within each hobby I’ve been jumping between projects. Madness.

Possible Logo

Possible Logo. Think of the blue as transparent.

I’ve been tossing up for a while now about creating a Facebook page. I know, I’m always late to the party. I wasn’t sure whether to make a photography page or a writing page. So I combined the ideas and created Richard Leonard – Words and Pictures. Not much on there yet but I hope to keep posting regular updates. Feel free to go over and “Like” it. The narcissist and book and photo salesperson in me would appreciate that. 🙂 Here’s a logo I’ve been working on for the FB page, photo watermarks and possible a revamp of this blog. What do you think?

Contrary to what I’ve always believed, I’ve discovered that the Aurora Australis is actually visible from Victoria when it’s strong enough and you’re away from city lights, and you have a decent camera and clear skies. I’ve been feverishly chasing the thing but seem to lack the sufficiently dark skies of the deep country side or southern coastlines to get a any decent shots. One day soon, hopefully.

I’ve been polishing up the Novel, Rochelle’s Briefcase. I’ve reviewed the whole plot and made some changes in that department. No deadline yet. not even an ETA. I have a model lined up for the cover shoot! She should have more time available so there might be some movement in that area soon.

Earlier this year I posted about an idea of mine for a new tax system. That was way out of left-field and not within my normal interests but is slightly inspired by my software development profession and a vision for an implementation which grew into a relatively easy to grasp concept. Considering making a separate page to host that topic…

I’ve started writing a screenplay for the Mind Keeper. I think it is a story that will do well as a video adaptation.

I’ve started writing a sequel to Rochelle’s Briefcase for this year’s NaNoWriMo, got 1300 words down and realised I’m not interested in writing a sequel just yet with all the other things I need (want) to do first. Ideas are still churning. So I might focus on the plot in the mean time while I finish off the first book.


3 thoughts on “What on Earth am I Doing Now?

  1. SighOhJessica

    It’s so good to be on here again and see what you’re up too! I never use twitter properly to really keep up with people. I was MittensKittens in case you forgot 🙂

    1. Richard Leonard Post author

      Hey Jessica! Yes, of course I remember you. I don’t want to sound weird that I remember you though. Welcome back! Glad to hear you’ve worked through your troubles. Can’t say I know what it’s like.
      I haven’t posted on here in so long. Must get back to it. Even this post is now out of date! Need to write another “What on Earth am I doing Now”! In the meantime the Instagram link will give some clues. I’ve pretty much abandoned Twitter.

      1. SighOhJessica

        haha oh phew I’m glad you remember, I also feel like a weirdo because I remember so many bloggers but I haven’t caught up on their pages for an actual year. Let alone really posted since 2014. Whoops! Yes I might have to have a twitter skim for everyone and see what’s going on


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