Ballpoint Pen on Paper – Amazing Drawings

This blew my mind when I saw it. I just had to share this. Absolutely amazing if it’s for real. This guy does these stunning drawings with a ballpoint pen. Probably several, actually. Check it out. See also the original posting on deviantArt.

2 thoughts on “Ballpoint Pen on Paper – Amazing Drawings

  1. Vanessa Chapman

    Amazing! The leopard in particular looks so much like a photograph! Despite what they say there, they must be quite fancy ballpoint pens because standard ones don’t come in all those colours as far as I’m aware? It doesn’t matter though, it’s not so much what type of pen he uses, it’s what he does with them that makes those pictures brilliant.

  2. Richard Leonard Post author

    Yes, I’m still not convinced that what I’m seeing is true ball point but I’m willing to go with it. I have actually seen those multicoloured pens back in school. There was the common four colour (black, blue, red and green) and I do remember a fatter one with about 12 colours from my childhood. So no doubt you can get many individual colours, too.
    But whatever he uses, it’s not what but how you use it that counts. A bit of patience and dedication doesn’t hurt either. 😉


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