Monthly Archives: February 2012

Sorry to Hear That

It often accompanies news of a death. People say, or increasingly these days, post on Facebook, “I’m sorry to hear that”. Do they realise how self-centred they sound? Continue reading

Black or Blue

A friend of mine posted on Facebook what at first appeared to be a fairly tame question: Do you prefer writing with a blue or a black pen? The first few comments were geared towards favourite AFL footy teams. Geelong fans were blue-penners and Collingwood fans, black. For those from out of town, Geelongs colours are blue and white and Collingwood, well, you get the picture. Continue reading

The Best Boss

Not my boss but this did make me smile. To read about a company boss splitting his $15 million dollar profit amongst his workers is almost unheard of these days. With most companies trying every trick in the tax and accounting book to reduce costs (often at the expense of employees in some way) and minimise tax just to pay the shareholders and CEO’s exorbitant returns and bonuses, news today of a surprise bonus of this magnitude for employees restores my faith in corporate role models. Hopefully more will follow his lead. Continue reading