Serial Novel – Rochelle’s Briefcase

Early in 2012 I joined the Story Time team. Well, it’s not really a team as we’re all driving solo but Story Time is a group of authors who each write and post a story one chapter at a time and hand the plot-direction decisions over to the reader. Yes, you get to decide where the next part of the story goes! Simply vote in the poll at the end of the chapter and check back next time to see where the story is headed. It’s up to each individual author how long the voting remains open and when the next chapter will be posted. Some writers have more time on their hands than others.

My little modern day mind-teasing mystery, called Rochelle’s Briefcase is about a young lady who finds that she must look after a briefcase a flustered stranger left with her and could be watching her every move…

So head on over to Story Time and check out some of the great stories being written by readers as we speak!

What do you think?

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