How Long is Now?

You know the feeling when you have a day off work and the next day feels like a Monday? Same routine as any week day but for some reason, because the previous day you weren’t at work, today just feels like a Monday.

Yesterday was Anzac Day in Australia – a public holiday in the middle of the week. So for me today, Thursday felt a hell of lot like the first day of the working week. But it was a typical weekday routine. So what made it feel different?

This made me think about the Now. What is Now? We think of Now as that tiny instant of time we follow steadily from past to future. It varies in speed. Boredom is treacle for Now. Now slows to a crawl when we have nothing to do, yet it is still the same short slice of time we observe with all our senses. But when we’re having a great time, Now is flying along on as much adrenalin as ourselves.

So why is it that after a full night’s sleep we get up after a day off, thinking we’re about to launch into another 5-day run of the working grind? Maybe Now is not just the tiny instant we are all familiar with? Maybe Now is nearly a day long? Somehow encapsulating the previous day so we feel like the routine we’ve been in since yesterday is the same one we feel on a real Monday morning.

I wonder if the same affect is noticed on longer time scales? Shift workers one longer cycles of on-off day and night shifts might notice an abrupt change in their work cycle as their being in a totally different part of the working calendar.

How long is your Now?

What do you think?

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