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What to Photograph When There’s Nothing to Photograph

I read an article the other day about what to photograph when you look around and there’s nothing on offer that would please a camera’s sensor. Everything is bland and uninteresting. A bit like my backyard. This article suggested thinking out of the box and making the mundane more interesting just by looking at it at a different angle. On the weekend I did just that. Continue reading

New Lens, Clean Sensor, Test Photos of the Local Wildlife

Any beginner who has started taking photography a bit more seriously will realise that the lens that came with their camera can be quite limiting. It’s usually an 18 to 55 mm zoom (approximately 1 to 3 times magnification if you think in those terms) and you’ll soon discover that 55mm is not long enough to catch wildlife in the distance, 18mm is not wide enough to take really nice landscapes and night sky shots. And the small maximum aperture is not enough for good shots in dim light or to play with wide ranging depth of field. Continue reading

Photography Experiment #2: HDR From One RAW File

Expanding on my last experiment with exposure bracketing whereby a photo is composed of several separate exposures using layer masks in post-processing, I found a good candidate for a similar technique where the different exposures come from the same RAW file. Continue reading

Sunset at Gemmys Point, Lakes Entrance Victoria

My Exposure Bracketing Experiment Using GIMP Went Surprisingly Well

I accidentally took this photo the other day at Gemmys Point near Lakes Entrance, Gippsland Victoria, overlooking the Gippsland lakes just after sunset. Continue reading

Sagittarius, The Milky Way, Flickr and My Photography

Here’s a bit of irony for you. Anyone who’s read my blog regularly, would realise I don’t often include photos with my posts. This is mainly due to time constraints. It’s like, I just want to write this and get it out there. I can’t be bothered putting up an accompanying photo. Okay, so it’s a bit of laziness, too! If the post is specifically about a photo or an image, I’ll obviously included it but in general it’s been about the writing, and ideas, etc. Now, the irony is I actually love photography! Continue reading