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My NaNoWriMo Strategy for This year

Last year I went in totally unprepared. I signed up with 2 days to spare, came up with an idea the day before it started and had a 5 year old laptop with a dead battery. Not exactly a ready state but it still let me finish the required 50K words.

The story itself, however wasn’t complete. It did reach a natural point where I could say Book 1 is done, next year can be Book 2. But that would only happen to reduce the stigma if being labelled a NaNo Rebel. Continue reading

I Used to be Undecided, Now I’m Not so Sure

About ten years ago when I decided to take writing a bit more seriously, I started a novel. I was determined that it would be the first thing I would publish.



Then someone said start small. Write some short stories first. Okay, but I still want to publish a novel. I was a little naive about it all back then. Continue reading

Write a Story with Jennifer M Eaton – Part 64

Once again it’s my turn to throw in another couple hundred words at this fascinating story of the battle of two worlds. Click here to find out what Write a Story With Jennifer M Eaton is all about.

And here here to check out the story so far.

Enjoy! Continue reading