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Rochelle’s Briefcase Chapter 8 Is Up

Hi Story Time fans!

NaNoWriMo seemed to make me lose momentum on Rochelle’s Briefcase. I seem to blame a lot of my apparent slackness on NaNoWriMo. Meh.

Anyway, I’ve finally got Chapter 8 up for my serial novel, Rochelle’s Briefcase on Story Time after readers voted on the question of Who was calling Rochelle on the phone. The final vote was for Ruby, despite the fact that she had apparently been kidnapped.

I hope you enjoy the latest episode and don’t forget to vote on what happens in Chapter nine. If you need to recap n what’s been going on there other chapters can be found here.

Cheers! 🙂

Rochelle’s Briefcase Chapter 6 is Out!

Hi Story-Time fans!

Thanks for reading my mystery/thriller serial novel Rochelle’s Briefcase!

At the conclusion of  chapter 5, Rochelle and Tina ran into the mysterious man they’ve been chasing outside the women’s fashion store. Readers voted that Rochelle slips up and calls him by the name she has on the list given to her by courier back in Chapter 1, of people who know too much.

Chapter 6 opens with the reactions of everyone involved. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Cheers! 🙂


Rochelle’s Briefcase – Chapter 5

Hi Story time fans,

Last time readers voted for the girls to track down the driver of the blue hatchback because they thought he took the briefcase with him and therefore would be the best person to help them get it back.

Chapter 5 is now up for you to read but it may not be what you expect. 😉



Rochelle’s Briefcase – Chapter 4

G’day Story-Time fans!

It’s been longer than I’d hoped but Chapter 4 is finally up and ready.

The majority of you voted that Tina is driven back to her own home by her captors so in Chapter 4 you can find out where this sinister activity leads. And what does she find when she arrives?

Read on to find out what Rochelle and Tina are faced with next.



Chapter 3 of Rochelle’s Briefcase is out now on Story Time.

I’ve added another interesting twist to the voting. Just one poll this time but you can add your own choice. I’m not sure how this works – can people vote on the choices added by others? We shall see!

So go and enjoy the third instalment of Rochelle’s mysterious adventure and decide what the forth chapter holds.


– R.