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Advance Australia Fair, by Adam Hills… or Jimmy Barnes, or…

Happy Australia Day, everyone!

Gotta love this. It’s an oldie but a goodie (you can tell because Adam looks about half his current age in this vid!). Much loved Aussie comedian Adam Hills mashes our rather solemn national anthem with a well known Aussie rock song, Jimmy Barnes’s Working Class Man, complete with Barnesy mannerisms. Classic.

For the record here’s a brilliant version of Advance Australia Fair sung by Human Nature and Julie Anthony with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.

And here is the original video for Barnesy’s Working Class Man.

Enjoy, and have a great Australia Day!

Few People Use Online Myki Top-Ups. Well, DUH!

According to this article in today’s Age, only 20% of people use the Myki website to top-up their cards while a measly 6% set up the auto-topup feature. And the operators are surprised! Continue reading

The Genre Pie – Feeding Readers More Information

How many readers and writers have been asked which genre a book fits into? Lots, huh? And how many struggle to find just one genre? Just as many? Yes, I’m not surprised.

For example, “Well, this book is kind of young adult, mystery, with a bit of romance set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic world with lots of historical references, so all of those!”

How many of them like food? Same or more?

Well here’s something we can feed them that will keep them all happy: The Genre Pie! Continue reading

Fast And Furious 6 – A Love Story (Spoilers)

Dom & Letty

Dom & Letty

Fast And Furious 6 is a beautiful, classic love story about a man who once lost his girl and lives with the torment and grief of continuing life without her. The movie opened with Dominic at his luxurious tropical villa, receiving news that the former love of his life is in fact still alive and to add to his pain, she is with another man. Continue reading

Dan Brown – Inferno is Out Today!

I saw a full page ad today that told me Dan Brown’s new book Inferno is out today. I also happened across this article in The Telegraph via the Passive Guy warning me not to make fun of the Renowned Dan Brown. Humorous as that article was, I wouldn’t do that. I enjoyed Dan Brown’s books. Continue reading

Daggiest, Corniest, Cheesiest Song Ever

A while back Eric J Baker posted about his all time most annoying song. I actually liked Come On Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners so I thought this was as suitable revenge for Eric! (If revenge is the right word.)

Recently I set my music player to play ALL songs randomly, instead of selected play-lists or albums, something I hadn’t done in quite a while. And boy did that bring some memories back!

Alvin Stardust in 1974

Alvin Stardust in 1974 (Wikipedia)

Amongst the throng of the brilliant and the absolute crap was this little gem by Alvin Stardust. My Coo Ca Choo. It could also be eligible for the most annoying song ever but I felt that Daggiest, Corniest, Cheesiest were also applicable.

Check out either the Original 1973 video with the start and end chopped off, a 1974 version apparently badly mimed or badly dubbed live at some TV music show, or you can see Alvin perform, sorry mime, it at a live gig in a 1996 come-back.


By the way, I still play this song. It’s awesome!

The Bat Out of Hell Takes Out Three Train Lines

Can you believe the lack of luck? Yesterday morning the train signalling system died just down from the junction of three of Melbourne busiest train lines. Actually this is a reasonably common occurrence; a small inconvenience that takes a few hours to fix and it’s fine by the following peak. Continue reading

Then is not Than is not Then

The term “my bad” grated on my every nerve when I first head it. According to the very authoritative Urban Dictionary it was coined by an African basketball player who spoke very poor English, when he missed a shot and tried to apologise. Out of his mouth came “My bad”. And thanks to the commentators at the time who made a joke of it, it is now ingrained into pop culture.

Now something else is grating on my nerves. Using “Then” instead of “Than”. Once could be forgiveable, almost, but I’m coming across this more and more. First I’d see it in someone’s post where you can virtually discard it as a product of today’s typical status-writing slackness. Then it would appear in a meme where someone uses Photoshop’s text feature to create a pretty graphic of a nice funny quote or something. I would have thought people would go to more effort to make these grammatically correct. Apparently not. Expecting too much, maybe?

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I decided to research solar panels so I could find the best one to smack across the head of anyone misusing the English language to help counteract the 42% rise in my recent energy bill, but that’s a story for another post. I found on one page at the website of one particular solar panel supplier exactly 6 uses of “then” that should have been “than”. Here they are:

If the green generation line is higher at any point then the red consumption line, you are generating a surplus of power, and hence feeding that electricity back into the grid.

Although both the average consumption and generation curves for a given individual home will be slightly different then depicted in this graph, this is more or less a representative example.

But because it is often producing more at any given time then the household can consume the 3kW system exports a total of 6.02kWh of energy to the grid.

In winter, the expected solar PV average generation curve is slightly lower then in summer, reflecting the lower intensity of the sun. Note that on a cloudy day generation will be much lower then depicted.

But because it is often producing more at any given time then the household can consume the 3kW system exports a total of 4.02kWh of energy to the grid.

I could also comment about the missing commas but I won’t – this time. To be fair I should list all the correct uses of “then” and “than”:

The rest of the time, the average household uses more than the solar PV cells can produce.

…rates for exported solar power that are lower than retail electricity rates…

Sorry, not all, I meant both. 6 incorrect, 2 correct. Not a good ratio.

For reference reasons and not for promotion, here is the page in question (which contained the above errors on 27 Jan, 2013, 1100 UTC)

Short of having mandatory job interview questions like “Please use the words, than, then, they’re, their, there, refuse, refuse, re-fuse, four, for, threw, through, taught, taut, talk, torque, pore, pour, effect, affect, accept, except, isle, aisle, aloud, allowed, pole, poll, alter, altar, curb, kerb, bare, bear, cereal, serial, practice, practise, compliment, complement, stationary, stationery, council, counsel, draft, draught, lose, loose, assent, ascent, principal, principle, story and storey in a sentence”, I don’t know what we can do.

A recent rant by BrainSnorts about his language peeves, included suggestion for remembering how to use them.

Use Then when it’s related to Time

Use Than when Comparing

Also, maybe teachers should use bigger hammers.

Rocket Science – It’s Not Rocket Science!

We know it’s a synonym for something very difficult but really, it’s a misnomer. Where did the term come from? It was obviously coined by someone who doesn’t understand how simple it really is. Have you ever farted in a closed room and noticed people moving away from you? No? Er… actually neither have I but you can imagine the result. That’s basically rocket science but probably not what prompted Sir Isaac Newton to state that “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” more than 300 years ago. Newton failed to see the childishly amusing interpretation of a falling apple as a tree farting fruit onto the sleeping scientist. But that was all about gravity, something rocket science is meant to overcome. Continue reading

Want The Job? Let Me Sleep With Your Girlfriend…

My son landed a job the other day and not because of the title! Many months of frustration finally ended when he successfully made it through the interview process. He went to a training session last week and has his first shift next Monday. Well done, mate! Continue reading