Portals – A Writer’s Escape Hatch

Have you ever read a story where a character suddenly finds a supernatural portal and teleports away from some evil enemy? Did it fit well into the story or did it feel like the writer had painted himself into a corner and struggled to get out? Ever done this yourself as a writer, even if the story didn’t see the light of day (or the dark of night as the case may be)?

According to NASA you might be off the hook slightly as they have discovered that these portals are one step closer to reality.

NASA figure out how to find hidden portals

Okay, so these portals are magnetic in nature and exist in outer space. Still a little tricky to weave into a believable story featuring earth-bound characters in a haunted house or deep tunnels but hey, your imagination is probably better than mine.

How do new advances in technology affect what you find acceptable in your story? Something that you may once have considered beyond realistic in your universe simply because it isn’t plausible in our own universe may now actually be plausible in our own, and therefore yours. Does that give you free reign?

Is your universe based on our real world where the rules are well known and anything supernatural has no place? Or is it total fantasy where anything goes? Does current technology affect what you write regardless of genre?


5 thoughts on “Portals – A Writer’s Escape Hatch

  1. Nicola Higgins

    I think it doesn’t matter, as long as your universe is internally consistent.

    The supernatural can exist, as long as you don’t create some all-powerful evil being that should have taken over the world by now without also creating an all-powerful good being in opposition to it.

    Portals can exist as long as there’s an explanation for them. You don’t even need to tell the readers what the explanation is, in some cases, because the fact that you know shines through in the writing. But portals in a non-supernatural, low-technology world just wouldn’t work.

  2. MythRider

    There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio
    They will never be able to figure all of it out. It’s call mystery. It’s what make the world and universe go around.


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