It’s been said that obfuscation is the best example of obfuscation. I came across a simpler version of this explanation some time ago. Loved it. Of course here I’ve expanded, embellished and over-exaggerated it almost beyond recognition and meaning for entertainment value if nothing else.

When writing, never use big words when relatively diminutive grammatical units possessing the capability of providing equivalent function and perhaps superior clarity to the aforementioned excessively dimensioned grammatical units, will actually perform their intended function to a sufficient or greater level of satisfaction when compared to their significantly larger equivalent counterparts in the approximately equal physical location within the text.

It just confuses the reader and they won’t read the rest of your work. Enough said.

For those who need it, here is the translation: Don’t use big words when small ones will do the job.


4 thoughts on “Obfuscation

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