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Rocket Science – It’s Not Rocket Science!

We know it’s a synonym for something very difficult but really, it’s a misnomer. Where did the term come from? It was obviously coined by someone who doesn’t understand how simple it really is. Have you ever farted in a closed room and noticed people moving away from you? No? Er… actually neither have I but you can imagine the result. That’s basically rocket science but probably not what prompted Sir Isaac Newton to state that “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” more than 300 years ago. Newton failed to see the childishly amusing interpretation of a falling apple as a tree farting fruit onto the sleeping scientist. But that was all about gravity, something rocket science is meant to overcome. Continue reading

Portals – A Writer’s Escape Hatch

Have you ever read a story where a character suddenly finds a supernatural portal and teleports away from some evil enemy? Did it fit well into the story or did it feel like the writer had painted himself into a corner and struggled to get out? Ever done this yourself as a writer, even if the story didn’t see the light of day (or the dark of night as the case may be)?

According to NASA you might be off the hook slightly as they have discovered that these portals are one step closer to reality.

NASA figure out how to find hidden portals Continue reading