A Letter to Myki

Dear Myki,

I tried to like you. I wanted our relationship to work so I give you more chances than you deserved but you’ve disappointed me. At first things worked very well between us, even when you ignored me I was willing to look past that. I was patient but you let me down, Myki. I don’t have the trust in you I expected at this stage of our relationship. It’s been over a year!

Every second day or so the blue “Metcard only” sign would be out at Flinders Street Station, albeit at torso level where it’s hard to see through the crowd. I’d appreciate it if were visible from further away so we don’t have to disrupt the slow moving queue of commuters waiting to move through the gate. I hate to say it Myki, but you are the reason they are slow-moving. I admit you are faster than Metcard but you still don’t read our cards quickly enough. I hold my card against you and wait patiently for you to acknowledge me. On a good day you might take only 1 second to do so. But often your prolonged silence frustrates me.

Your website payment system gives me no confidence that you can handle my money. You can’t even put my money on my card within a reasonable time frame. In one breath you say wait up to 24 hours for the money to make its way through the system to my card and in another breathe you say at least 24 hours! Which is it? If I buy a pass on Saturday night how can I be sure it will be loaded on to my card Monday morning? It’s very sad, Myki. Very sad.

And your top-up machines! Anywhere else I can see the price of what I’m buying. It’s great that I can see I have say $4.50 on my card but how far will that take me? I mean why not tell me that I will get 2 hours in Zone 2 or all day Sunday travel? And when topping up I might not want to put in $10 but enough for just 1 all day trip to the city? How much must I add? You can’t tell me. I have to guess and I may still not have enough. It’s not good enough, Myki.

And just this week at Flinders you failed me twice, leading me to believe my card was faulty. But it worked on a tram later the same day. I feel very betrayed, Myki. You committed to providing a reliable ticketing system and you’ve performed very poorly.

You’ve let me down Myki. I’m sorry it’s come to this but when this Myki pass expires next month I’m afraid I’ll have to leave you. It just isn’t working.

Yours sincerely,


(One of many frustrated Melbourne commuters)

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