The Best Boss

Not my boss but this did make me smile. To read about a company boss splitting his $15 million dollar profit amongst his workers is almost unheard of these days. With most companies trying every trick in the tax and accounting book to reduce costs (often at the expense of employees in some way) and minimise tax just to pay the shareholders and CEO’s exorbitant returns and bonuses, news today of a surprise bonus of this magnitude for employees restores my faith in corporate role models. Hopefully more will follow his lead.

The head of the Grenda Bus company in Melbourne was quoted in The Age as saying ‘‘I get totally dismayed when you see some of the salaries the CEOs get paid… it is far beyond what somebody is worth.’’ Respect, man!

On he lists his tips on how to be a great boss. Treat your staff equally, trust them until they give you a reason not to, treat them like family and be honest and ethical in your dealings.

I believe by sticking to these rules you earn the respect of your staff, your customers and other businesses you deal with. Far more pleasant that the resentment received when a company is profit-driven for the sake of shareholders.

It’s the way it should be.


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