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Worship The Journey

“Worship The Journey” is the motto of a bike shop in Melbourne. I think that is the ultimate in aptness. You don’t ride a bike to get from A to B quickly because obviously there are faster ways. The bike has just the right pace for taking in the beautiful sights, sounds and smells of wherever you choose to take it. The ride is not about the destination, it’s about the experience in getting there.

Worship The Journey

Bike shop with Worship The Journey displayed. Apologies for the lack of quality. Photo was taken from a speeding express train while on my way to work… Okay, not all journeys deserve worship. Just work with me on this.

I know an avid traveller who enjoys seeing sights, meeting the people, feeling, tasting and smelling the local environment in all the places she visits. After living in London for a few years she decided to go home to Christchurch, New Zealand, by herself, on a push-bike! She rode through Europe, Asia and Australia over twenty months. Check a world map. That, my friends, is Worshipping the Journey. Continue reading

Reading Widely

I once attended the presentation ceremony of a writing competition I didn’t win and had a good chat to the judge, Archie Fusillo about my story which I’m happy to say he actually remembered reading amongst the 800-odd entries. Apparently, despite not winning, or getting a place… or a commendation… it still made the final cut of twelve. Top 12 of 800. And he remembered reading it! Happy! Continue reading