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The Next Big Thing

Thanks to Mike Akin at sumthissumthat.wordpress.com for tagging me for the Next Big Thing. And to Maddie Cochere at breezybooksblog.wordpress.com for the tip!

I’m just going with the flow here, hoping I don’t break any rules or bust a chain or something. I’ve been given a list of questions I must answer about my Next Big Thing, aka a novel I am working on. Continue reading

Book Review: Arcadium by Sarah Gray

This review is for Arcadium by Sarah Gray, a zombie apocalypse story set in Melbourne Australia.  The book can be found on Amazon (US) here.

Okay, on with the review…

When I came across a zombie apocalypse story set in my home city of Melbourne I could not go past Sarah Gray’s Arcadium. I’m always drawn to local stories to see how realistically the author presents the locations. I actually discovered a new suburb I didn’t know about! I need to get out west more. Continue reading