Recognitions of Ramblings

I looked at my blog’s sidebar and suddenly thought, that’s no place for a trophy cabinet, so decided to put the awards and associated paraphernalia on their own page. This is the result.

A big thank you to those who nominated me for these awards. Most recent first.

The Booker Award, nominated by J M McDowel.

Booker Award

NanoWriMo 2012. Obviously no one nominated me for this. It was all my own doing… and proud of it! 🙂 Although I should acknowledge all bloggers and writers who brought it to my attention and provided much appreciated encouragement throughout the month of November. Thanks! 🙂 NaNoWriMo 2012 Winner

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, first nominated by Liam O’Dell at Life of a Thinker. Thanks Liam!  Also more recently nominated by JumbledWriter. Cheers!Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Blog of the Year for 2012 involves collecting 6 stars from various (or the same) people. These people nominated me. Some more than once. Liam, ODell for the last 5 stars but it all started with Jessica from Mitten’s Kittens Blog. Thanks!Blog of the Year Award

I was nominated for the The Versatile Blogger Award, thanks to Priscilla at onlinedatingjournal.Versatile Blogger Award

There was also a Lucky Seven nomination from Goran Zidar and was the first award for which I was ever nominated on WordPress. It didn’t come with a graphic so I had to hunt one down for this page. Cheers, Goran.

Lucky Seven Award


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