Formerly RAQ – Rarely Asked Questions.

There’s nothing frequent about them but they do have answers which can be found here.

What does the E stand for in your email address and Twitter handle?

It actually doesn’t stand for anything. Apparently there are many parents in the world with the wisdom to bestow their sons with the name Richard Leonard. I put the E in because it was one of only a few letters that would make the name unique. I felt that RichardELeonard was more natural than RichardLeonard 235. Names with appended numbers always remind me of dangerous radioactive isotopes from which we should steer well clear.

So if the E is essentially a fake middle initial, what else is fake? People who know you would see your picture and the name and would raise their eyebrows, demanding an explanation.

Yes. And the reason is purely marketing. Everyone I know knows me as Rick, however, I predict that if I ever get to the stage where a publishing agent agrees to publish the yet-to-be-fantastic novel by this currently unknown author, they would take one look at my surname and suggest using a pseudonym. I’m just preempting them.


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