Lunar Eclipse April 2015 – The Bloodmoon

Hi all! Have you seen enough photos of the Blood-moon yet? Yes? Well now that you’re here, just admire how similar this one is to all the others you’ve seen. Except that maybe the bright part is near the bottom because this was taken from the southern hemisphere.

Or, no, you haven’t seen enough? Feast your eyes:

Moon a tad before totality during the April 2015 Lunar Eclipse.

Moon a tad before totality during the April 2015 Lunar Eclipse.

With a new(-ish) camera and an eagerness to re-invent the wheel, I just had to try and find the optimal exposure for capturing the eclipse at its finest. Various How-to-Photograph-a-Lunar-Eclipse posts suggested different things so I went on my recent experience with normal night sky photography. Use tripod with longer exposure (1/6 second) but not too long that the moon’s movement causes motion blur, 165mm focal length (because that lens fell to the ground in a tripod mis-hap and doesn’t focus properly near 200mm… you could quite reasonably argue that it doesn’t focus properly at 165, either), widest aperture to gather the most light (f/5.6 – it’s the best I could do with that lens) and ISO 800 to compensate for the other settings.

As totality approached and the bright area never really disappeared, I became suspicious about this eclipse having a total phase at all. Usually a total lunar eclipse has no bright area because it is completely enveloped by the Earth’s shadow, even if it is only for a few minutes.

Anyway, using the newly discovered multiple shooting with timer delay, I managed to take a completely redundant set of 185 near identical photos of that Blood-moon over the span of 20 minutes. (My last camera died of shutter release mechanism failure. At this rate I may be sending my new camera to a similar early death!)

Anyway, if you missed this one or live away from the Pacific Ocean you can catch the next Blood-moon on 28 September.

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