Post Series and Cover Designs

Hello there. Yeah, I’ve been quiet of late. I thought I’d pop up and say G’day before the Christmas break.

I’m inside on this bright sunny Melbourne morning afternoon because I just had the eye test where they chemically wrench open you irises and shine a spotlight at your retina to check for defects. Retina is all good. So to avoid that optical stabbing sensation from even moderately bright light sabres, I’m inside, curtains drawn, at the laptop putting out this post in the medium dark.

My lack of recent postings is mainly due to my focussing on two series of posts I’m putting together. Both started as one post that grew too large (perhaps a sign that I’m still struggling with my excessive verbosity), and therefore begged to be broken down into smaller ones that  would be less likely to bore the pants off people. Then there’s the need for pretty diagrams which I really dislike putting together. Photos are one thing but drawings and diagrams… not a fan. I hope to have them ready in the new year.

I’m also getting closer to requiring a cover for my up-coming book (believe it when you see it). I’ve been watching a few cover reveals and have wondered how authors get models for their book covers. I guess the options include stock photos which the cover designers get hold of (which may not be a perfect fit for the story), having a custom photo-shoot done with a professional model/actor/person off the street (which can be prohibitively expensive for an indie author), or DIY with someone they know.

I realised recently that a family friend could actually pass as my main character. Visually, that is, and may be suitable for featuring on my cover. Without revealing her ambitions here, I think it could be a win-win for both of us. She’ll should read the novel first. She might change her mind.

I’m thinking of having a go at the complete cover design myself. I know, people recommend not to do this but I’m a tight-arse. Plus I need to save up for an editor, apparently. More importantly I want to get some practice in more serious photography, including the shooting, editing and the graphic design. No, it won’t be done with a point-and-shoot and edited with MS Paint. I’m talking DSLR, careful lighting, shooting raw, editing with Gimp (=Photoshop. I’m yet to find a useful feature of that tool that can’t be achieved using Gimp). I’m pretty confident I won’t completely stuff it up. Who knows, the cover might be better than the novel! There’s two reasons to buy it!



Okay, With the Christmas break and being off work for four weeks (Whoo-hoo!) I hope to progress many things I’m working on, including my post series’ and my novel(s). I hope everyone has a great Christmas break, holidays, time with family and friends. Don’t work too hard. Have fun and I’ll catch you in the new year!

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