“You Can Call Me King Bee…”

Imagine you’re a 16 year old school girl living an ordinary life.

You write songs. You pour your heart in. Because you love it.

You can sing, too. So you sing your songs. You love it because they’re your songs. You wrote them. You’re singing them.

You get the songs recorded. One or two of them rocket up the charts world-wide.

You win a Grammy.

You feel pretty damn good.

Then someone like BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN covers your #1 song at his concert.


4 thoughts on ““You Can Call Me King Bee…”

  1. Michelle Proulx

    That’s so cool! First of all, I had no idea she was that young — good for her! She’s handling fame really well thus far — no tongue-sticking-out shenanigans, thank goodness. And to have Bruce Springsteen cover her song!!! All she needs now is for GLEE to cover/butcher her song and she’s officially made it, lol.

    1. Richard Leonard Post author

      I think she’d just be happy with the Boss doing her song. I’d like to think she shares Dave Grohl’s view on Glee’s interpretations of popular music. Here’s hoping.


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