Book Review: Soul Identity by Dennis Batchelder

What an interesting idea this is!

Soul Identity Cover

I’m a little late to the party because this book, Soul Identity by Dennis Batchelder, was originally published in 2007, and on Smashwords in 2009. I found it only a couple of months ago. Soul Identity, a business that trades on the investment benefits of reincarnation, is being overrun by an overzealous competitor (or is it an inside job?), and IT security expert, Scott Waverley is called in to help protect the company and the investments of thousands of clients who have inherited the properties of previous holders of their souls.

I was gripped from the very start of this book. It is a mix of not-too-complex computer geekery, espionage, deceit, racy romance, and of course, the funny wise-crackery of the main character, Scott Waverley. The story cleverly links the apparently unrelated events concerning Scott’s neighbour, an old man angered by Soul Identity’s refusal to sign him up, a mysterious fortune teller with tech-savvy twin granddaughters, and the leaders of the organisation under threat.

It is well produced book (I recall only seeing one possible editing error), well paced with a good rhythm between the action scenes. Although the story touches on supernatural themes at no time is the reader expected to believe. In fact Scott Waverley is a sceptic throughout the entire story. It takes place in a normal world which, at best, only speculates on reincarnation. As a result there is a high level of believability. And of course there is the sexy Russian love interest. Highly recommended.


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