Write a Story with Jennifer M Eaton – Part 64

Once again it’s my turn to throw in another couple hundred words at this fascinating story of the battle of two worlds. Click here to find out what Write a Story With Jennifer M Eaton is all about.

And here here to check out the story so far.


Part 64

Yoran’s smirk quickly disappeared as he walked the rest of the way through the grey metal corridors of his ship. The news that his wife of many years was in fact one half Fae, and by extension, his children one quarter Fae, was indeed a severe blow. His life-long ambition, his sole purpose in life prior to this day was to rid the world of the filthy fae. The discovery that his family shared their poisonous blood had diluted that ambition just as the fae had diluted the pure blood he’d given his children. His crew and the rest of the Planetary Raiders must never learn of this.

He had very near lost his family once. Sian he had all but given up as a lost cause before she returned after so many years. Bethany’s foolishness came close to claiming Marci. And his beloved wife, almost taken by the complications of childbirth. She survived, yet she is still lost, as she is not the woman he thought he married.

Could he still achieve his goal and save his family? Perhaps with a compromise. Yes! There could be a compromise. It may mean his children may never bear their own but it would result in no more Fae. An acceptable sacrifice. Importantly, he would have to ensure the safety of his son before the rest of the Fae are eradicated. He is key to their success. But above all, to keep his family’s true origins from the rest of the crew. That would be vital for their survival.

Yoran reached the command centre and absently sat in his chair, still deep in thought. It was only a moment before the voice from behind startled him.

“Sir. We are sorry about your family.”

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