Maximise the Value of Your Myki Pass Refund

Don’t you love dealing with companies to get refunds?

Earlier this month my Myki died. (Out-of-towners: Myki is Melbourne’s public transport smartcard ticket system. We use the term “Smartcard” loosely.) In fact it got me to the city but wouldn’t let me go home. Totally dead. All readers at all gates just stared blankly up at me.

Anyone can get a Myki. Even fictional intergalactic hitchhikers!

Anyone can get a Myki. Even fictional intergalactic hitch-hikers! Image credit: Sascha Grant, Flickr, Creative Commons.

I had 7 days left on my 41-day Myki Pass so I should be entitled to a refund to the value of 7 days travel in zones 1 & 2. So I jump through their hoops and fill in the reimbursement form and provide the faulty card. 3 weeks later they call to tell me they transferred the balance of $46.48 to my new card as Myki Money (basically cash). Fantastic.

Hang on. The daily rate when ravelling with Myki Money in both zones is $11.84 and 7 days would be $82.88. So where’s the other half of my refund? Shouldn’t I be getting 7 days worth of travel seeing as I lost 7 days when my card died? Not the 3.9 days $46.48 gives me?


What the good people at Myki don’t go out of their way to tell you is that you can buy a Myki Pass with Myki Money. It’s not front and centre on their website but buried half way down an FAQ page. By doing this you effectively recover the full value of the daily rate of $6.64 you would have used with a Pass. The alternative is use the refunded $6.64 per day towards the $11.84 Myki Money daily fare, thereby donating an additional $5.20 per day to Public Transport Victoria that you didn’t have to pay.

Bottom Line:

To make the most of your Myki Pass refund, use it to buy another Pass. Because you can. Don’t waste it by spending the refunded Myki Money directly on travel.

Note: All prices are current for 2013. I’m not going to spend my NYE changing them to 2014 prices!

What do you think?

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