Few People Use Online Myki Top-Ups. Well, DUH!

According to this article in today’s Age, only 20% of people use the Myki website to top-up their cards while a measly 6% set up the auto-topup feature. And the operators are surprised!

Well, it’s no wonder, if you ask me. The system has been plagued with problems since day 1 (which seems like a lifetime ago), people have little confidence that it works properly, even now.

But the reason I use a vending machine rather than top up online, is simply because you have to plan so far ahead and people just don’t do that, especially irregular travellers. And because it can’t guarantee when the fare is available for travel.

The advice on the Myki website (which has recently been absorbed into the Public Transport Victoria (PTV) website), was to allow up to 24 hours for an online top-up transaction to make it to your card before you plan to use it.

When I did this a while ago (and never since), the email receipt suggested to wait at least 24 hours. Which is it? At face value I should really wait for ever, otherwise risk travelling with a Myki card that may not realise I’ve paid my fare. Wish me luck convincing the ticket inspectors.

And they wonder why people don’t use online to-ups.

What do you think?

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