Fast And Furious 6 – A Love Story (Spoilers)

Dom & Letty

Dom & Letty

Fast And Furious 6 is a beautiful, classic love story about a man who once lost his girl and lives with the torment and grief of continuing life without her. The movie opened with Dominic at his luxurious tropical villa, receiving news that the former love of his life is in fact still alive and to add to his pain, she is with another man.

Dominic and his friends set out to find Letty and their quest takes them across countries and continents, only to feel the shattering realisation that she is committed to this other man and remembers nothing of her former life. Dom is determined because family is important, so a tremendous battle must be fought to convince her that he is the man for her and to ultimately win her back

Naturally the other man, Shaw, won’t allow Letty to go without a fight and Letty herself begins to have doubts about the man she has fallen for and wonders how this other mysterious man knows so much about her…

Ah, who am I kidding? This movie was an awesome ride full of fast cars, hot girls, ferocious gun-battles, fist-fights, car chases, cool weapons, explosions, fire and all out carnage and mindless mayhem involving an armoured tank blowing up bridges and destroying anything in its path. not to mention the high performance vehicles chasing aircraft on ridiculously long runways and taking it down. All with the extreme bullshit factor you’d expect from the F&F series. Brilliant stuff. Go see it!


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