Rochelle’s Briefcase – Chapters 13, 14 & 15

Hi Folks!

Thanks again to everyone who read and voted at the end of Chapter 12. I think I forgot to put up a notice that Chapter 13 went up. Oops!

Quick recap:

In chapter 12 I wrote two threads, one where Rochelle cracked it with the boys and went clubbing, the other where they girls followed the thieves of the briefcase but lost them.

The votes were tied so I combined the threads into one and this became the first scene of Chapter 13. Are you with me?

Chapter 13 ended with Rochelle somewhat under the weather and finding a certain blue hatchback parked out the front of her place. Again the votes were tied. I took the option with the least number of votes this time, just for something different. It was between Rochelle going with Ashley and both Rochelle and Tina going with Ashley. Check out Chapter 14 to see what happens.

There will be no voting at the end of chapter 14 because Chapter 15 will very likely be the final chapter of this online serial version of this story. After I post Chapter 15 I will owe you an explanation.


What do you think?

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