Dan Brown – Inferno is Out Today!

I saw a full page ad today that told me Dan Brown’s new book Inferno is out today. I also happened across this article in The Telegraph via the Passive Guy warning me not to make fun of the Renowned Dan Brown. Humorous as that article was, I wouldn’t do that. I enjoyed Dan Brown’s books.

Dan Brown - Inferno

Well, the ones I remember.

The Da Vinci Code was great but I still think there was a point people missed which was that the whole purpose of the trail-following caper was to reunite Robert Langdon with his Grandmother. Maybe it’s just me.

I read Angels and Demons immediately after and ranked that as a better story simply because it was written first and had some very similar ideas as the Da Vinci Code, exposing the latter as a partial copy.  A&D for originality.

Digital Fortress is a bit of a blur to be honest. And not because an old colleague lost my copy of DF so I can’t refer back to it. Ditto with Deception Point. The blur, not the loss.

One of the comments in PG’s post described The Lost Symbol as “bad”. I remember reading that but I don’t remember thinking it was bad. What was it about again? For the life of me I can’t recall. Did I actually read it? I certainly bought it. There’s the book right there on my shelf. It’s definitely been read by someone. It’s got the dirty marks of finger-flipping on the edges of its pages. I must have read it. No one else in the family reads Dan Brown. Hmm.

Now, I better go and buy Inferno before i forget…


12 thoughts on “Dan Brown – Inferno is Out Today!

  1. Lawrence Grodecki

    I enjoyed the first four but couldn’t bothered with The Lost Symbol, even though it was partly set in Winnipeg, in the legislative building, a few blocks from where I was born. I cheated though…read the last paragraph or so and then said “nah”.

  2. Lawrence Grodecki

    I did enjoy the first four that he wrote. I didn’t enjoy the questions they eventually raised for me, especially in the two more historical ones.

    As for the last one, the strangest thing was that for all his success, the copy I checked out was of very poor quality for a hardcover.

    1. Richard Leonard Post author

      The controversial questions they raise are what makes his (or anyone’s) books popular, I think.
      Surprised about the lack of quality with the hard cover though.

        1. Richard Leonard Post author

          Can’t remember, to be honest! A quick read of some blurbs doesn’t reveal this but some mention the Masons. I think the Knights Templar were mentioned in the Da Vinci Code as this was based on the book Holy Blood Holy Grail by Michael Baigent et al. which also talked extensively about the Templars.

          1. storiesbywilliams

            Oh it was. And did you know that the authors of Holy Blood Holy Grail sued him, but had no case since their work was based on a known historic forgery that they bought into? And of course, Dan Brown easily claimed that it was all fiction so they really had no case at all. Boy did they look dumb!

            1. Richard Leonard Post author

              I think I remember that. I also remember an interview with one of the authors on Australian 60 Minutes where they asked him whether or not they attempted to verify any of the claims in the book and there was a really long awkward silence of abut a minute during which he tried to find the least incriminating answer!


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