Imminent Danger – The Movie… And a Review

No, the movie of Imminent Danger by Michelle Proulx has not yet been produced but if it was to be shot in the near future here is who I’d like to see become involved:

This is what to look for in real and online book stores everywhere. Clicking the image will take you to the Amazon page.

This is what to look for in real and online book stores everywhere. Clicking the image will take you to the Amazon page.

Eris Miller – Jennifer Lawrence (quickly, while she can still pull off 17!)

Miguri – Andy Serkis (Motion capture) because he does it so well.

Varrin – One of those Hemsworth boys because they’re Aussie and apparently easy on the female eye.

Director: J J Abrams because he currently owns this genre.

Producer: Steven Speilberg, of course!

Special FX: The Mythbusters Boys because they rock!

Oh by the way, I wrote up a review on Amazon. Check it out. To save you a click here it is:

Imminent Danger (And How to Fly Straight Into It) by Michelle Proulx, is a fun young-adult sci-fi adventure featuring the feisty 17 year old student Eris Miller who is abducted from her university campus by a scaly blue alien. After being imprisoned she must fight for her survival after being sold as a slave, used as a lab rat, pursued by the Galactic Government as a criminal with her furry little alien friend, all while being distracted by a certain attractive male humanoid, the subject of her confused feelings.
Ms Proulx does a great job drawing in the reader. While there are few direct comedic episodes, there is an overall air of fun amongst the perilous and hair-raising situations Eris encounters frequently throughout the story, some of her own doing. Despite bordering on the unbelievable at times, Proulx manages to create a very rich and entertaining storyline with vivid characters and a menagerie of fascinating aliens. Quite frankly I’m amazed Eris is still alive!
At the price of $2.99 I paid at Amazon, Imminent Danger was well worth it. A great read. It had me wanting to read it when I don’t usually read. I can’t wait for the sequel.

15 thoughts on “Imminent Danger – The Movie… And a Review

  1. Michelle Proulx

    Well, first of all, thanks so much for reading and reviewing 😀 You, sir, are awesome. As for your movie casting/staffing choices … YES! Yes to all! I fear Jennifer Lawrence will be too old by the time this book ever catches on with the general populace, but it’s fun to dream 😀

    1. Richard Leonard Post author

      I was thinking of the movie cast while getting towards the end during last week. But I agree, JL might be a tad oldish by the time you sign away the movie rights and production gets under way, but I’m not hollywood-savvy enough to know anyone else who might the right age at the right time.
      And thanks for being my first reblogger! You, miss, are awesome! 😉

  2. katemsparkes

    Yes! Yes to everything in the review. This book was so much fun to read, and very unpredictable. I guess that’s to be expected on a space adventure, but it was much appreciated. I hate being able to guess where everything is going. And the ending… just perfect. I can’t wait for the sequel.

    As for the casting, I personally didn’t see a Hemsworth type in my mind. They’re attractive, no doubt. But I pictured Varrin as someone sleeker, more graceful strength than pure brawn, more perfect features… what was I saying? Oh, right. Definitely Andy Serkis for Miguri, though. No question. 🙂

    1. Richard Leonard Post author

      Thanks Kate! I’m not too big on who’s who in Hollywood but there was a moment towards the end of the book where Varrin’s attitude just sounded so much like a stereotypical Aussie male. The Hemsworth brothers were the only ones that came to mind. I don’t even know which is which! There are two, right? But Varrin actually struck me as someone a bit older anyway. Possibly a Heath Ledger maybe. Just thought of him then but obviously he’s out of the question.

  3. juanantonio195202

    Hey Richard great review and I agree with Michelle’s and all the other comments. Since I have not seen a Hollywood movie nor followed the Hollywood buzz in years, those casting suggestions are over my head. Is Steven still active? Alive? Hope so. He was or is awesome.

  4. Maddie Cochere

    Really great review, Richard! I own Michelle’s book, but haven’t had time to read it yet. I love Michelle (and her mom – and her brother :-)), and I’m so happy her book is doing so well.

    1. Richard Leonard Post author

      Thanks Maddie! You have to move it up your to-read list. I really enjoyed it. But you probably already picked up on that!
      I think I need to move to your continent. It seems to be good for self-pub authors! 😉


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