Songs That Grabbed Me

We all love lots of types of music. We all have our individual favourites, too. The odd song  that resonates with us, rings a bell, strikes a chord. They stay with us forever, long after they drop out of the charts and our friends stop talking about them. These songs could be recent, they could be from our childhood or teen years when we first “discovered” music. Or they could be from our parents’ era. They all have something in common. They all mean something to us for whatever reason.

This is an introduction to a series in which I will post about one song each week (or when I feel like it). It will be one of those songs whose lyrics affected me in some way. Maybe I found them clever, thought provoking, emotional, vivid, or just well written. I’ll add my take on the song, which, be warned, may be totally off the mark from it’s real or intended meaning.

Fox on the Run – The Sweet

This little number from 1975 was my first ever favourite song. I was five. Let’s not analyse the lyrics on this. They weren’t the reason the song grabbed me. This is a rare exception to the theme of this series. Let’s get it out of the way now.

My mother likes to remind me that I liked this song around the time we lost my little brother to a brain tumour, but to this day I fail to see the connection between that event and this song. It’s likely to be the timing and nothing more. Maybe I clung to the first song that came along as a distraction or whatever. Who knows.

Anyway, please enjoy this mimed version recorded on 13 March 1975 at the British music show, Top of the Pops. This one’s for you, Geoff.

Warning: Cringe-worthy 1970’s fashions: clothes, hair, dance moves, TV production, etc.

6 thoughts on “Songs That Grabbed Me

    1. Richard Leonard Post author

      That’s probably my only excellent idea for the decade! They are few and far between. I hope the songs I have queued (cued?!) up are interesting. Might be a few surprises in there. As if the above wasn’t! 😉

  1. jmmcdowell

    I look at these clothes and wonder why on Earth the ’70s “style” came back…. It was a mistake the first time around! Great idea for a series of posts.

  2. Maddie Cochere

    In 1975, I was working for a major music distributor, and I think the music, fashions, hairstyles, etc. were fabulous, darling! And we certainly had fun! Great song!

    Sorry to read about your little brother, Richard.

    1. Richard Leonard Post author

      So should we thank you or blame you for your contribution to the whole 70’s identity? 😉 Ha ha! The fun times are all that matter, hey!
      Thanks for your thoughts. 🙂


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