Rochelle’s Briefcase – Chapter 11

Greetings everyone,

I’ve been madly working away at Chapter 11 of Rochelle’s Briefcase after receiving some encouraging feedback. Thanks heaps to everyone who has been reading it and voting.

The voting at the end of Chapter 10 decided that the other mob, the infamous and mysterious Team B would arrive at Rochelle’s place first, so needless to say Chapter 11 starts with high tension.

I really enjoyed writing this one. It introduces a couple of new characters and I’ve done a scene or two from a different point of view. I hope you find it interesting.

And the ending! Gotta love it.

Don’t forget to vote!

You can find Chapter 11 here at Story Time or the main page for catch-ups here.


5 thoughts on “Rochelle’s Briefcase – Chapter 11

  1. jessmittens

    Do you ever write the path that people don’t vote for? It’s like having a whole new story with all the options!

    1. Richard Leonard Post author

      I haven’t. I’d feel like I was ripping them off! But I might do that with a warning though. “Option with least votes wins!” Good tip, Jess! Thanks!
      I have also thought about putting in an option “Richard’s choice” which I keep forgetting about when the time comes. Maybe next time.

      1. jessmittens

        I just realised that I was picturing you writing the story with ALL the opposite choices but then, that wouldn’t be possible. Ah, brain, you good with the logic. Richard’s Choice sounds excellent!

        1. Richard Leonard Post author

          Sadly I don’t really have the time to write an infinite number of choices but for CH 12 I wrote 2 separate threads! This was mainly because the chapter wasn’t finished (ie wasn’t long enough) and I couldn’t decide which way to go so I did both. I will still do the opposite choice soon though.


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