Six Sentence Sunday #27

6 Sentence Sunday LogoGood morning!

With only one more Sunday on which to share six sentences, I thought I’d pop out something different. This time I’m presenting six from the current chapter in my online serial novel Rochelle’s Briefcase, a modern day mystery/thriller/young adult/whatever-it-turns-out-to-be story. In this scene Rochelle is in the police station about to be questioned about the report of her missing neighbour the previous day. As instructed by some unknown but influential people, she has the briefcase with her.

The briefcase was again the elephant in the room and Rochelle was acutely aware that the policeman was dying to ask about it but perhaps couldn’t find a reason to justify the question. Instead he got straight to the point.
“Okay, so yesterday afternoon, you and your friend… Tina Cadelano, reported your neighbour, Ruby, missing, correct?”
“That’s right.”
“And you believed she was kidnapped but refused to provide information on why you believed this to be true?”
Rochelle hesitated while holding his gaze.

You can read the rest of the chapter, by clicking here. Don’t forget to vote! You can also try this link to read the previous chapters.

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14 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #27

    1. Richard Leonard Post author

      Of course you can! And in the spirit of the game you can schedule them whenever you like so they appear on Sunday, too!
      They talk about the “official” end to the Six Sentence Sunday but I somehow doubt they’ll call the lawyers in if people continue to post them.

    1. Richard Leonard Post author

      They can. Mine seemed to go through the internet via the WordPress servers to various web browsers around the world. That’s a long way!
      But seriously, I hope they fulfilled their purpose in containing more than the sum of their parts. 🙂

        1. Richard Leonard Post author

          Thanks JW! For both comments. 🙂
          In fact many people seem to tell me I’m full of wit but I often think I hear it with a fairly high pitched white-noise sound at the start of the word that obscures the sound of the W… I’m pretty sure they’re saying wit. 😉

    1. Richard Leonard Post author

      Thanks Maddie! Yes, it’s an interesting way to present a novel and also I like the way reader get to vote on the direction of the next chapter. At the moment I need more votes! And – what? I won a free book? Nice smooth segue, by the way! My first thought when I read about being drawn is that I don’t remember posing for portrait in a pizza box! …


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