Merry Christmas! (Where’s my Fork’n Knife?)

Merry Christmas everyone! (If you’re of that persuasion. 😉 )xmas-01

We’ve just finished our festivities for the day, cleaned up and promptly fell asleep in various places around the house. It’s now early evening on Christmas Day so I realise I’m a little late with my Christmas Greetings for my fellow Aussies who may also be nursing over-full bellies, or heading out for a round of evening feasting. Enjoy!

It would a good morning Christmas greeting for those of you in Europe and the UK. May today bring much joy and happiness with your families. And the same to those in the US in a few ours time.

The title of this post is a quote from my father in law at the commencement of our Christmas lunch. He who cringes at cuss words but is happy to jest with close approaches. Ah, fun times! My wife and both mums made doubly sure he was not without eating utensils. Great job to everyone involved in preparing another year of festive feasts on this Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas! (Where’s my Fork’n Knife?)

  1. Vanessa Chapman

    It’s funny to think your Christmas day is coming to an end just as ours is starting! It’s about 7.15am here. I just woke up, went onto my laptop and first email that pops in is your post! My kids are still asleep, so I’m trying to keep quiet so that they sleep a bit longer – they were late getting to sleep last night so I don’t want them to be all groggy today! Merry Christmas…

    1. Richard Leonard Post author

      … And then came the left overs…
      And the alterations to the sleeping arrangements…
      And the altercations…
      What’s Christmas without arguments? 😉

      Hope your Chrissy is a cruising along nicely and the kids are wide awake and not too groggy (of course they are!).

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