Six Sentence Sunday #22

6 Sentence Sunday LogoGood morning. Hoping today offers an improvement on yesterday.

Here is yet another 6 from my NaNoWriMo novel from this year, The Rogue, wholly raw and unedited. This week I went to a random page and struggled to remember actually writing this bit. At this point in the writing I was stuck for inspiration so I introduced an alcoholic stripper with a nothing-to-lose attitude. I this scene she gains a regular client.

She loved the attention. This particular man Judy knew nothing about apart from his consistently generous tipping habit. Over several weeks and months he gradually revealed more about himself. He started by hinting he was a doctor by pointing out one or two of Judy’s ailments without her even mentioning them. He said she should go easy on the alcohol because it would kill her eventually. She wondered if he even knew about the Rogue.

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